It seemed just like yesterday when we were using the X as a temporary title for my 10th anniversary concert. I still can’t snap myself to believing that the concert is over and done! And hell yeah! It was one great evening!

Coming up with a concert is no joke. Talk about the sleepless nights and the constant headaches caused by too much brainstorming. Not to mention being paranoid all the time so as not to get sick! Phew! I must’ve have boosted up the sales of Berocca during the last months of preparation!

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me. I allow myself to be immersed into the preparation of the concert. I am not the type of artist who just sits down and waits for everything to be spoon-fed… the songs to learn, the concept, the stage design, the outfits, the rehearsal schedules, etc. Everything went through me! And boy! It wasn’t easy! And I have the stress patches on my head to prove it!

But all the stress and hard work were all worth it!

The evening started a bit late due to the fact that it was a Friday and it was payday. An hour after the said starting time of 8pm, the band started to play its first note and everything flowed smoothly. There were a few hitches but what the heck. Human error. We’re not computers. We make mistakes. It’s just a matter of how you make it look as if it was intended.

As much as I’d like to do a run down of what happened in the concert, I’m not allowed to… yet! Hmmmm…  a repeat?? Maybe… hopefully. All I can say, that night, I felt so much love from everyone who was there.  The people who came were the ones who really considered me important. Despite the heavy traffic, they arrived… and watched. They made time for me… and for that I am truly thankful.

I want to thank my producers and everyone who worked on X. I really hope that we do more work in the future (minus the ones who just gave us headaches LOL).

To my family who flew all the way from Iloilo, Cebu and other places, thank you!

To those who bought tickets, thank you! You saved lives!

I always say this… and I’ll say this again… “As long as you are there, willing to listen to my voice, I will continue to sing for you.”


* Photo by Mike Sun


4 thoughts on “X MARKED THE SPOT

  1. Marivic

    The show was absolutely spectacular,I can’t begin to describe how magneficent you sounded.And your band were awesome.Jed you looked as good as you sound Phenomenal!!!:) As Always. Your aunt (Ms.Annie) told me my VIP ticket is “worth it”.Anyway, my family ,relatives and friends are here to support you “No Matter what”..Take care of yourself my friend.God bless !:)

  2. DeclanOnLine

    Jed, you are worth watching and your voice is worth to listen to! I enjoyed the concert! Happy 10th Anniversary!

    I think it is a plus that it was a one man show! Not to mention, I liked the stage especially the JM sign! :)

  3. Jelly Jabillo

    Hi Jed :) I Like you Voice soo much. At Like na Like kita pag Kasama mo si Ate Nikki Gil , pag mapapasaya mo sya. Napaka Friendly mo , I just want to see you soon gusto ko makikilala ka ng Lubos , Kasi KALOKALIKE mo kilala kuna , Like He’s Attitude dagdag Points. I wish na kakantahan mo ako ngayung Pasko. HuHu I will Love you end the End Jed :) Basta Pasayahin mo si ate Nikki Gil , Alagaan mo sya your the Good Bestfriend ever of Ate Nikki Gil :) I hope to see you soon :) I Love You Kuys Jed.

    Love : Jelly Marie Jabillo , From Carmen , Cebu City :)

  4. mahailani

    It was an awesome night watching an amazing performer like you… you were just great!

    Looking forward to more concerts and performances from you.

    Take a bunch of care!


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