The Fishbowl Awaits!


THE FISHBOWL AWAITS!!! Every one of you gets to challenge Jed Madela to sing a song you’d like to hear him sing on the spot. As soon as you enter the Music Museum on the concert night (Nov 21), you get to write on a piece of paper your song request and drop it in a fishbowl… in one segment, he picks up song requests (see photo) with a rule that goes “No request refused!”. This is going to be fun! See you on Nov 21st at the Music Museum for the 3rd run of his concert, ALL REQUESTS. ‪#‎allrequests3‬

(Post from Annie Tajanlangit Mercado’s Facebook)

All Requests Fishbowl Segment

For tickets for ALL REQUESTS 3, call TICKETWORLD at 891-9999 or SM Tickets at 470-2222. For special seats, you can also call 0917522-38-73.


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