Another confirmation for me that I must be doing something right!

Thank you very much to the men and women of the Philippine Movie Press Club for the award they gave me last night at the PMPC Star Awards for Music; Male Recording Artist of the Year!!! What makes this special is that this is my third award for the same category for 3 years straight! I MUST be doing something right!

As I have said in my past interviews, awards are like exclamation points for me and are confirmation that I am able to touch people with my voice and my music. More than record sales… more than the popularity… what matters to me is that my music reaches out and touches people’s lives.

When we were planning to do an all-original album, we knew that it was going to be a difficult feat to do. In an age where everything seems to be done the easy way (recording revivals for more familiarity), an all-original album was a huge risk. I am so happy that my recording label, Star Records, placed their full trust in me and gave me this dream project. I am happy with ALL ORIGINAL… and last night’s award gave me the space to breathe that what I really pushed for was the right thing.

My real goal for ALL ORIGINAL was to inspire and encourage musicians to bring back what we had back in the past… a very prolific music industry where hit after hit was being put out into the airwaves. Composers and arrangers came up with the most beautiful Filipino songs that to this day are still remembered. THAT was what I wanted… to spark the drive of all Filipino artists to bring back original material. I really hope and pray that day will come!

I have nothing against doing remakes. I myself did numerous albums and have spun a couple of hit revivals but of course they weren’t mine. One ultimate dream of an artist is to have his own song that he calls his own… a song that after he is long gone will still be tagged with his name.

I still have a long way to go. And as long as there are people who continue to support my songs and my concerts, I will continue to make music for all of you.

Thank you to my family… for their continuous support even if they are miles away from me! You are my strength!

To my management, GM Proponents… for believing in me especially in times when I myself don’t think I can do it…

To the Tribe of Jed and The Voice… iilan na lang tayo pero nararamdaman ko pa din ang pagmamahal nyo… Salamat sa mga patuloy na sumusuporta sa akin…

To ABS CBN, ASAP and my Star Magic family… for making me feel I belong…

To Star Records… for taking a risk on my dream project… and for being the reason why my voice continues to be heard…

And last but not the least, To my LORD GOD for giving me this voice… and for the opportunities to share it with everyone!

(Photo from Annie Mercado’s Instagram account)


3 thoughts on “THANK YOU…

  1. DeclanOnLine

    Congratulations idol Jed Madela!

    One of the songs on you ALL ORIGINAL album says, “Ikaw na, ikaw na talaga. Ikaw na, ikaw na talaga.”

    Ikaw na talaga! 3 straight years! Best Male Recording Artist Of PMPC Star Awards for Music! I’m very happy for you idol! keep on making great music!


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