For someone who is never on the guest list of any fashion ball… or when a walk on the red carpet is forced on and takes only a few seconds (coz no one is interested)… having a category on style is quite an ambitious feat for me.

I admit, I am not a man of fashion… not a man of style… but I have an eye for what looks good.

Yeah, I may dress well but that had to go through a series of hit and misses. If given the freewill, I’d be fine with a T-shirt and a pair of shorts but being in an industry where, sad to say, what you wear or how you dress yourself says a lot about you, I just had to learn and exert a little more effort to put a look together.

So, what is my look? Stage ready yet comfy and put together.


Basically… this is me. Oh… and don’t forget the spray of cologne! It ties things together.


5 thoughts on “STYLE? REALLY?

  1. lee

    It’s your talent that matters most, ur a great singer and no matter how u look i still admire u..good luck.

  2. ayla

    its your talent that we adore, and your goodness that makes an standout. We love you so much Jed. Happy Birthday. God Bless you more.

  3. Ivy Yecyec

    :) You’re simple in fashion but you look good and handsome in your natural fashion! :) Simplicity is beauty as others said… You’re handsome in your simple fashion… very appropriate in your personality…love it!

  4. Kit

    Awww… An item looks familiar. It brings back kilig memories… his and hers. I wonder what happened to hers… Hope she treasures it like how you do. Thanks.


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