I can’t believe it’s been ten years! Seems like yesterday when I was sitting on my aunt’s porch bawling my eyes out coz I didn’t want to fly to Michigan to train as a flight attendant. Yep! You heard it right. Singing wasn’t my career priority when I moved to Manila. Actually singing was never even an option to be a career. It was just a hobby. But as fate planned it, I’m here. And I am grateful!

Come November 15, 2013, I will be celebrating my 10th year in the business with a concert marking the milestone. It will be at the iconic Philippine International Convention Center Plenary Hall. Collaborating with my aunt, Annie Mercado, this concert will be a big throwback of my highs and lows in the industry. Speaking of highs and lows, there will definitely be a lot of them in the songs I’ll be doing! (It’s actually pretty exciting running through the song line up! LOL)

What makes this concert special? All proceeds will go to charity. Bright Halls Children’s Foundation is charity that takes care of abandoned babies 0-3 years old. So, to those who will be buying tickets, God bless your hearts coz you will be helping a lot. The money you will share will give these babies a brighter future.

Working under the creative eye of my director, Mr. Johnny Manahan (or Mr. M as everyone calls him), this concert will be something I will never ever forget. And for the music, I have put my faith and trust on the amazing Mr. Mel Villena together with the very entertaining AMP Band.

So, I really hope to see you all on that very special evening!

For tickets, contact Ticketworld 8919999



There are always new food places popping up in the “Queen City of the South” and here are three new discoveries i found in my last visit.






Me and my cousins decided to have brunch in this quaint cafe in Escario Centrale, called Cafe Sarree.


We started with TORTA which is a pastry that Cebu is known for but Cafe Sarree smothered their torta in butter and cheese and served it warm.  Perfect pair to their brewed coffee.



I was craving for EGGS BENEDICT so thats what i ordered. The eggs were properly prepared, the yolks broke when i cut into them and the smoked salmon hit the spot.


My cousins ordered the LAMB ADOBO which was so tender and flavorful and the SOUTHERN STYLE PORK BELLY was savory.



We had the “CHURROS NI LOLA” for dessert.  It came with three sauces – deep fried dessert goodness.


Apparently, the BRAZOS DE MERCEDES there was also a must try but we were too full. Something to look forward to on our next visit.



After a good movie, we headed to Abaseria for snacks. Abaseria is a restaurant / pasalubong store.  They have artisinal food items from all over the Philippines that the owner personally chooses.  The ambiance reminds you of an old filipino house and you immediately feel at home. Plus, while waiting for your food, you can browse the pasalubong offerings from bottled sauces, to flavored salt to custom jewelry to household items.  There is definitely some shopping to be done in Abaseria.


I had the CHORIZO SANDWICH which was interesting and they even had ADOBO and HUMBA SANDWICHES.



The definite winner in this place is their DECADENT CHOCOLATE CAKE.  It was so good, the kind that brings back good childhood memories.


We also sampled their SUMAN with LATIK and dalandan juice.


This is a great place to bring balikbayans and foreigner friends so they can enjoy true filipino food and hospitality.




For dinner, we decided to try the newly opened Phat Pho in Crossroads.  This Vietnamese restaurant has gotten good reviews and for good measure.



The GOI CUN, fresh spring rolls were fresh and delightful appetizers.


The PHO SPECIAL was very flavorful and i dont know why but it made me think of our island in Guimaras.



The ANGUS BEEF SATAY and WOK FRIED NOODLES were flavorful and cooked to perfection.



Phat Pho has an open kitchen and we were entertained by the chefs preparing our meals.


The Vietnamese COFFE DRIP was strong and sweet, just like Vietnamese coffee is supposed to taste.

For dessert, we had the CARAMEL FLAN and the COCONUT CREAM PUFFS.



If you have a sweet tooth, these two cannot be missed.  The flan had a very silky texture and the caramel had that sublime burnt sugar taste.

If you are craving for Vietnamese food, this is the place to go. It is not cheap but its worth it.


Before I receive any violent reaction on how much food I posted here, I just want to make things clear that these dishes were SAMPLED by at least 3 – 4 people and not just by myself. Clear?? So, spare me the “fat comments”. Peace out.


As of this writing, I am stranded. On my second night.

I remember being in the same situation years ago when the typhoon Ondoy struck the country. It was around 9am when I left the house to guest in a variety show at Broadway Centrum. As early as that time, I noticed unusual puddles of water building up in the streets of our village but brushed it off since it was raining really hard. I arrive at the studio, fixed myself up and waited. My co-guest artist arrives and joins me in the wait. A host arrives. Then there were two.

A few hours before the show, the phones started ringing and each one had the same concern. The other hosts and guests couldn’t make it! It was either they were stuck on the road because of traffic jam or couldn’t leave their homes for one reason… majority of the areas were flooded. Then my phone rang. I answered and all I could hear was the shaky voice of my helper on the other end of the line, “Kuya, yung tubig po tumataas at pumasok na po sa garahe…” (…the water was rising and it has gone up to the garage.) I didn’t know what to do! All I could tell her was just to bring up anything she could carry up to the second floor!

So, of course, the show didn’t push through. We were stuck in the studio for hours! Power was down but it was good that they had a generator. And another blessing was that the catering arrived before the roads got flooded! But despite of the “comforts” we had, I couldn’t stop worrying about what was going on. The rain continued to pour and the water level kept on rising. Then my help calls again telling me the power in the house was gone, her phone was about to die and the water had entered the house and was chest deep!

The same instance happened to me when “Milenyo” struck the country! Again, I was out of the house. I was 6 hours away from the city shooting a music video in this resort and while shooting, I hear talks about a coming “storm”. During the last scene that was set among the rocks beside the beach, we noticed dark clouds starting to form and was headed towards us. The waves started to hit the shores pretty hard that we had to improvise. After we got the shots, we all headed back to our hotel rooms. Since it was almost dark and the rain was pouring really hard, we all decided to spend the night and leave in the morning. It was a good decision. The entire highway heading back to Manila was again flooded! So, we had to spend another day there until we got news that the highway was already passable.


I am stranded down south.

After a mall show last night in Dasmarinas, Cavite, we decided to drive up to Tagaytay to have dinner. Rain was already starting to pour. Driving down, we tuned in to the local news stations and one city after another, they started announcing the cancellation of classes because of flooding! With the constant bugging of my cousins to sleepover, I gave in and asked my driver to bring home my car and just pick me up the next morning.  Rains continued to pour which didn’t give me the chance to sleep. I kept monitoring my home but it was a relief that it didn’t flood in my area.

The next morning, I got ready to head home then I get a call from my driver. He was stuck because all roads leading south were either jammed with cars or was flooded. Not until around 5PM that he was able to get through. Somehow the water subsided which allowed traffic to resume.

Three times???


I think right after the first time we experienced those floods, we already should have found ways to solve this problem!

What is wrong?? Poor drainage system? Poor waste management that leads to the clogging of the drainage pipes? What?? Who is supposed to take care of this?? Do we have to live in paranoia every time it rains??

Yes, until now, the rain is still pouring hard outside. I can just imagine how terrified other people are right now. I just hope and pray that everyone stays safe. Also, I add to my prayer that the people who are in charge of solving such problems would actually do their jobs and not wait for another tragedy to happen.

Everyone wants to live a happy and comfortable life… even when the rain pours like crazy.





I am so happy to have been tapped to sing songs included in the teleseryes “Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala” and “Muling Buksan Ang Puso” showing on Primetime Bida on ABS CBN.

HKLM stars the one and only teleserye queen, Judy Ann Santos together with Sam Milby and KC Concepcion. Julia Montes, Enrique Gil and Enchong Dee leads the cast of MBAP.

For “Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala”, I recorded “Ang Iibigin Ay Ikaw” and for “Muling Buksan Ang Puso”, I did “Sinasamba Kita”. Click on the titles to download.

Both soundtracks are under Star Records.