Generation: Powerhouse

5th Gen(5th Gen: Reymond Sajor, Lady Onnagan, Rhap Salazar, Marielle Mamaclay, RJ Buena)


Imagine five individuals with distinct, powerful voices sharing the same passion in singing and performing join forces into one group. You get a powerhouse that’ll just blow you away the moment they step onstage and open their pipes. That is 5th Gen.

5 world champions from the World Championships of Performing Arts in Hollywood who has brought pride and honour to the Philippines when they came home with awards and medals from the respective singing categories they joined in.

The first time I heard them perform live was in one of my shows and while I was backstage, I was howling and applauding them as they belted out. These five reminded me of me… very different offstage but once they take the spotlight, they all transform into legit performers.

Performing solo is a feat and it ain’t easy but to be in a group, you have to work doubly hard to work as one… and sound as one. One cannot afford to have a weak link. Everyone has to be a team player.

I can talk on and on about them but it’s best to see and hear them perform live. Catch them as I share my stage with them in ALL REQUESTS 3 on November 21, 2014, 8PM at the Music Museum.

For tickets, call Ticketworld at 891-9999, SM Tickets at 470-2222 and for special seats, call 09175223873.

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