1. Ana May P. Abutas

    Jed, you have been wonderfully blessed. Keep on making people happy. I am just lucky to have been a part of your life as your high school teacher. I am very proud of you and I keep telling my students about you and how you developed your God-given talent. With hard work and determination as well as the support of your loved ones you have made it to the top! Keep your feet firmly on the ground and your strong faith in God as you continue your journey. God bless you with good health always!
    Ma’am Ana May ParreƱas Abutas
    University of San Agustin

  2. Mark Anthony Durango

    One of the most talented personality in showbiz! Keep up the good work. Hope to be your audience in one of your concerts.

  3. Bede John Zaballa

    i have always dream of watching you live sir jed. i have been a fan eversince i heard you sing backstage for a mega event on global city bgc….i was a entertainer then. a mime. so i dont get to watch you sing on stage… but if given a chance ill do anything for it. good luck for your concert.. but i know
    it would be absolutely amazing

  4. rod man

    congratulations on your 10th anniversary. you gave our country more pride in showcasing your voice to the world in WCOPA. you are considered an icon in the music industry. more power!

  5. danica galizdo

    Hi Jed,

    Im just one of your avid fan.. Nakakatuwa sa puso pag naririnig ko boses mo… Tuwang-tuwa aku sa aswa ko everytime na nakanta sya ginagaya nya boses mo at iyong way na pag kanta mo because he also like you a lot.. :) .. First time na pinanuod ka namin da Lucena City iyon, nasabi ko sana maulit because we really enjoyed your concert at that time..
    Good luck to your career! GOD Bless You! :)

  6. Rowell M. Ortega

    What can I say to someone who is blessed with an amazing voice with a range of both male and female!! Congratulations on your 10th year in the business. You are an asset to the music industry. Keep it up!

  7. Lilibeth Currie

    Keep on singing Jed, u got it all, I’ve seen ur ikaw na guesting in Bandila, whoever those people who refused to give u a break, it’s they’re lost not urs!! Keep up the good work jed!!


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