Performed at the opening ceremonies of the 17th World Championships of Performing Arts here in Los Angeles, California. It is such an honor to represent the country and inspire more new talents to just go for their dream and enjoy every moment of it! Highlight of the day? Being sung a “Happy birthday” song by contestants from more than 40 countries around the world! Try to beat that! LOL

Thank you to Patty Yap for helping me put this together.

Go Pinoy!



Jacket from Zara Man, Button down inner shirt and pants from Terranova, Belt from Zara Man, Shoes from Prada.



Time to dress down and hang out. Got this awesome t-shirt in a quaint little store during my trip to Japan and just got hooked with the print. Cargo shorts from Zara and watch by Boss Orange. Thank you Mayor Len Alonte of Biñan, Laguna for the Comme des Garçons pro leather low top sneakers.




There is always a first for everything. Today was my first time to talk in a bootcamp here at the World Championships of the Performing Arts in Los Angeles, California. I was given the task to talk to the contestants about my experiences getting into the business, the problems I have encountered and how I dealt with them. Honestly, before everything started, I was nervous like crazy but all went well. The entire hour and a half went fast and I actually felt it wasn’t enough. I was having fun exchanging conversations with them! I am just so happy to impart what I have learned to these budding artists. Seeing them reminded me of myself in 2005 when I first joined the competition.

Today, I chose to dress up a bit to establish a certain level of authority but not to the point that I’d be intimidating.

Coat and V-neck from H&M, Jeans from Bench, Sneakers from Converse, Aviators by Rayban, Watch from Guess, Wallet from Prada.

Airport Style


Alright, here is my first attempt to post a style blog. Flying out to the City of Angels today for the 17th World Championships of Performing Arts. They say when traveling, wear clothes that are most comfortable… yet stylish! Good thing you don’t have to take off ‘em boots during security check!

Plaid buttoned-down longs sleeves from Springfield, Jeans from Zara, Boots from H&M, Cap from Quicksilver, Hoodie from American Eagle, Watch from Guess, Carry on luggage from Sky Travel.


For someone who is never on the guest list of any fashion ball… or when a walk on the red carpet is forced on and takes only a few seconds (coz no one is interested)… having a category on style is quite an ambitious feat for me.

I admit, I am not a man of fashion… not a man of style… but I have an eye for what looks good.

Yeah, I may dress well but that had to go through a series of hit and misses. If given the freewill, I’d be fine with a T-shirt and a pair of shorts but being in an industry where, sad to say, what you wear or how you dress yourself says a lot about you, I just had to learn and exert a little more effort to put a look together.

So, what is my look? Stage ready yet comfy and put together.


Basically… this is me. Oh… and don’t forget the spray of cologne! It ties things together.