As of this writing, I am stranded. On my second night.

I remember being in the same situation years ago when the typhoon Ondoy struck the country. It was around 9am when I left the house to guest in a variety show at Broadway Centrum. As early as that time, I noticed unusual puddles of water building up in the streets of our village but brushed it off since it was raining really hard. I arrive at the studio, fixed myself up and waited. My co-guest artist arrives and joins me in the wait. A host arrives. Then there were two.

A few hours before the show, the phones started ringing and each one had the same concern. The other hosts and guests couldn’t make it! It was either they were stuck on the road because of traffic jam or couldn’t leave their homes for one reason… majority of the areas were flooded. Then my phone rang. I answered and all I could hear was the shaky voice of my helper on the other end of the line, “Kuya, yung tubig po tumataas at pumasok na po sa garahe…” (…the water was rising and it has gone up to the garage.) I didn’t know what to do! All I could tell her was just to bring up anything she could carry up to the second floor!

So, of course, the show didn’t push through. We were stuck in the studio for hours! Power was down but it was good that they had a generator. And another blessing was that the catering arrived before the roads got flooded! But despite of the “comforts” we had, I couldn’t stop worrying about what was going on. The rain continued to pour and the water level kept on rising. Then my help calls again telling me the power in the house was gone, her phone was about to die and the water had entered the house and was chest deep!

The same instance happened to me when “Milenyo” struck the country! Again, I was out of the house. I was 6 hours away from the city shooting a music video in this resort and while shooting, I hear talks about a coming “storm”. During the last scene that was set among the rocks beside the beach, we noticed dark clouds starting to form and was headed towards us. The waves started to hit the shores pretty hard that we had to improvise. After we got the shots, we all headed back to our hotel rooms. Since it was almost dark and the rain was pouring really hard, we all decided to spend the night and leave in the morning. It was a good decision. The entire highway heading back to Manila was again flooded! So, we had to spend another day there until we got news that the highway was already passable.


I am stranded down south.

After a mall show last night in Dasmarinas, Cavite, we decided to drive up to Tagaytay to have dinner. Rain was already starting to pour. Driving down, we tuned in to the local news stations and one city after another, they started announcing the cancellation of classes because of flooding! With the constant bugging of my cousins to sleepover, I gave in and asked my driver to bring home my car and just pick me up the next morning.  Rains continued to pour which didn’t give me the chance to sleep. I kept monitoring my home but it was a relief that it didn’t flood in my area.

The next morning, I got ready to head home then I get a call from my driver. He was stuck because all roads leading south were either jammed with cars or was flooded. Not until around 5PM that he was able to get through. Somehow the water subsided which allowed traffic to resume.

Three times???


I think right after the first time we experienced those floods, we already should have found ways to solve this problem!

What is wrong?? Poor drainage system? Poor waste management that leads to the clogging of the drainage pipes? What?? Who is supposed to take care of this?? Do we have to live in paranoia every time it rains??

Yes, until now, the rain is still pouring hard outside. I can just imagine how terrified other people are right now. I just hope and pray that everyone stays safe. Also, I add to my prayer that the people who are in charge of solving such problems would actually do their jobs and not wait for another tragedy to happen.

Everyone wants to live a happy and comfortable life… even when the rain pours like crazy.


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Thank you to everyone who joined! It wasn’t an easy task going through all your entries but I am so happy to have received and read every one of them. My heart is just full of love from you. You just don’t know how much you guys made my birthday this year extra special!

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I decided to post a transcript of what I spoke about to the contestants last Saturday for the first bootcamp activity of the World Championships. It was my first time to do it and it pretty much went well. I thought an hour and a half allotted was too long but it actually was short! LOL I’m posting my talk guideline but there were impromptu inserts here and there.

Good morning, Worldstars!

My name is Jed Madela and I am the 2005 Grand Champion Performer of the World. 

Looking at you right now, I can clearly remember how it felt being in your shoes. It was the first time the Philippines joined this competition and I really didn’t know anything about the World Championships… how it worked… what we were supposed to do… All I knew was that I was brought here to sing! As far as I remembered, it was mixed emotions… I was nervous… anxious… excited… every few minutes, I just wanted to go to the bathroom! But all in all the World Championships experience was one experience I will never ever forget.

Let me give you a short background on how I started.

I come from a family of musicians, back in the Philippines, wherein every single day in our home, never did a minute go by that there was no music. It was either someone was singing… playing the guitar… or playing the piano. So it was a no big deal thing for me. Singing was just a hobby. 

After college, my plan was to be a flight attendant. Singing was not an option.

I never had voice lessons. I never had formal training. Every bit and piece that I am doing now is a product of things I learn from mere observation. 

I know each one of you have idols, right? People you look up to. I would watch my idols perform on TV and in one way or another pick up certain things that I used in my singing. It’s okay to copy… to mimic… but not completely. You have to have your own thing.

Basically, I started from zero. I started in a band and performed in bars and lounges. I remember all I had was my voice.  I didn’t know how to talk to people… I didn’t know how to dress up… I didn’t know how to perform. I had to learn everything from scratch. It was all “trial and error”. I made a lot of mistakes but I learned from these mistakes.

In my journey towards pursuing my dream, I experienced a lot of ups and downs. And one thing that we encounter all the time is REJECTION. Right?

I remember going around recording labels… bringing my demo CD… singing in front of these big bosses of these labels.. and I’d always end up with the same answer… “We’ll call you…” But I never got any call from them. I approached TV stations… but no one wanted me.

Yes, I’d get disappointed… even to the point that I wanted to give up. I doubted myself. I asked myself, “Am I really good? If I was really amazing, then why all these rejections?” 

But I am just so happy I was surrounded by a very few people who sincerely believed in me… people who told me constantly that everything will happen at the right time. 

I realized then that doubting will never help. 

The first rule if you want to make it in this industry is to BELIEVE in yourself… not just 100%… but more than that. So, as early as now, take away all the doubts. There is a reason why you are here now. Because you have something that other people do not have. Each one of you have been blessed with wonderful talents. And if ever you experience rejection, think of this… it is not because you are bad… it is not because you are less talented… it is because it is not yet your time. Maybe during that time, they were looking for someone else. Maybe during that time, you weren’t ready yet. You will always have a place… but at the right time.

Rejection will always be there. Even until now. I still experience that a lot. We just have to accept that it is part of life and more so, part of this industry. I know it hurts but it is just a matter of how we deal with it.

Another thing that I would like to share with you is the importance of ATTITUDE. We see all these divas and brats who get all their whims at a snap of their finger. That is not acceptable. Especially to the ones who are just starting… 

I’m sure everyone will agree with me that it is easier to work with someone who is this much talented but treats us like a person… treats us professionally… treats us with respect… rather than work with a super talented artist but steps on you the whole time.

I think that is also one key for an artist’s staying power in the industry. People would always want to work with you because of your nice attitude. People will always remember you because you treated them nicely. Add more to that an amazing performance?? You’ve earned your place. And believe me, word of mouth is pretty fast. People in the industry talk a lot! And they would pass on the news to other people, that means you gain more supporters.

There are 4 pointers that I always share with artists like you… the 4 P’s.


As what we talked about earlier, everything happens at its own time. So you have to be patient.


While waiting for that time to come, use every bit of opportunity to perfect and hone your craft. Practice a lot. Do not stop learning. Even if you become a big superstar someday, never stop learning things that’ll make your craft better and more interesting.


Let’s all accept it, the entertainment industry is a very competitive industry. Artists pop up by the minute. You really have to push yourselves and bring your selves out there. Grab every opportunity to be heard.. to be seen. Use all means like social networking… Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube… anything you can use to put yourself out there. Who knows, a big shot agent might be checking out YouTube videos and your video happened to be one he/she would come across.


You really have to take time to focus and pray… for guidance… for strength. This industry is not an easy world to move around in… a lot of temptations… a lot of obstacles. You always have to be in touch of your spiritual side… in that way, you bring yourself back to what really matters. 

To end this, I would like to leave you with these words… LOVE what you’re doing. 

And know your purpose. Why do you want to sing? Why do you want to dance? Why do you want to perform?

Do it because you want to. Do it because you want to share a part of you with your audience. Do it with all your heart. 

Performing is not just going onstage and impressing people with your talent. It is an opportunity for you to use that talent to touch the hearts of the people watching and listening to you.

With that said, I want to wish everyone the best of luck. Enjoy every moment onstage… and offstage. Make lots of friends. Ask lots of questions. Because it is not just the medals or the awards that matter. It is the experience and the things you will learn that will really benefit you. Win or lose, the fact that you are here makes you all champions.