For some time, I have been trying to find the perfect phone that would fit my lifestyle. Stylish yet functional plus with a long battery life. Battery life has always been an issue with phones nowadays but I guess it’s also because of the numerous apps on our phones that continuously suck up battery juice.

Nothing we can do. Its either we limit the apps on our phones, or carry our chargers with us or come up with the next good thing…


They call it the hybrid battery for the iPhone 5. The Boostcase has two parts, the protective snap case and the attachable battery case. The stylish back cover comes in a variety of colors that’ll definitely attract the stylish eye. Once your phone battery starts to run out, all you have to do is slide it onto the charged battery case and let it do its magic!


The Boostcase comes in two models, one that adds 80% more battery and another which loads up to 150% more life.

Personally, this has been the best gadget that lengthens the battery life of my iPhone 5 and so far, it hasn’t disappointed me. Although it can get a bit bulky and heavy once the battery case is attached, you can easily slide it off once your phone is “recharged”.

A must-have for those who get restless when they see the “low-battery” prompt on their screens.

Check out for more details.

4 thoughts on “BOOST IT UP!

  1. Ivy Yecyec

    :) That’s nice! It’s a good suggestion for all. Thanks for sharing. You’re doing well, Jed! Keep it up! Have a nice day! :)

  2. ayla

    Hi Jed! Your special day is just six days away. Happy Birthday. I’m always wishing you the best that you really deserve. <3


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