Bad Days, Good Days, Great Days!

I’m on Day 2 of my voice rest and til now, though a bit better, my voice is still MIA. All I can do is whisper and to those who don’t know, is more damaging. So, I’d rather text or write down things if I need anything.

I still haven’t had the chance to really “enjoy” the recognitions I received last Monday from the Aliw Awards Foundation. I can’t even shout for joy… or celebrate out with family and friends. That’ll have to wait. All I can do for now is just stare at these three pairs of hands on my bedroom shelf. An affirmation of a job well-done.

2014 Aliw Awards

To those who really know me, I put 101% into what I do. A perfectionist if you must say. In all my concerts and performances, I have to be hands on and give it my best. That is what people came to watch… that is what people paid good money for… and that is what I want to give. Aside from them hearing my voice and my songs, I want everyone to leave the venue with memories of a great show and not feel short changed.




I am very happy that X : The Jed Madela 10th Anniversary concert won BEST MAJOR CONCERT for 2014. I am humbled, actually, because I know I was nominated alongside with great concerts this year who were equally, or even way grand than mine. 

When we were conceptualising this concert, I just wanted to stay true and sincere to my audience… what happened in those 10 years? That was the concept of X… the story of my journey in this industry.

I just want to thank my producers headed by Ronald Pineda of Folded & Hung for believing in me that they invested so much in this anniversary celebration.

To the staff and the entire backstage team… I owe this to you guys! To my musicians headed by the amazing Mel Villena (who was also nominated as Best Musical Director for this concert), hats off to you for such amazing music that night.

To my director, Mr. Johnny Manahan who also won Best Director in a Concert for this show… Mr. M… thank you!

Jed with Mr M

To my family in Iloilo who played a big part in my journey… whom I dedicated a segment in that concert called “Proud of Your Boy”… Thank you. And you guys know how much I love you. I hope you are proud of me…

To my manager and aunt, Tita Annie, who I bantered with when we were coming up with the concert… our efforts paid off! … and I’m looking forward to more crazy ideas on the kitchen counter! Hahaha

And to everyone who went out of their way to buy tickets and spend time with me at the Philippine International Convention Centre for that anniversary concert… THANK YOU!




Another concert I am really proud of is ALL REQUESTS at the Music Museum! It was designed for the intimate venue and to be more interactive with the audience.

If there’s one thing that I don’t find comfortable in a concert, it’s that gap between me and the audience. That idea of “you sit there and listen while I sing onstage”… No. This concert wiped that away. Everyone was part of the show.

To those who weren’t there for the 3 shows, (yeah, it has been done 3 times and another repeat is on its way), every song I sang in the show were requests from the audience who posted them online may it be through Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Some may say it has been done… Yes, it has… but here’s the twist… on the night of the concert, as people queued their way into the venue, they’d write their request on a piece of paper and drop it in a fishbowl… and in the middle of the show I’d randomly pick a song and perform it on the spot! That was the most fun part of the show! I’d never know what I’d be challenged to sing!

For this concert, I would like to thank my producer Moises Manio and his entire team for making this show a reality.

Also, I would like to thank my amazing musicians & back up vocals for ALL REQUESTS because you guys are just simply amazing! Imagine, playing and singing songs on the spot?!!

I also would like to thank my special guests that night… Y-Fi, Xtreme Dancers and the Darren Espanto.

I hope and pray that you come to the next staging of ALL REQUESTS next year! And a Philippine Tour??? Why not?? We’ll keep you posted!



Jed Madela Aliw Awards 2014

Now this was really unexpected!

In my speech I said that when I won in 2005 at the World Championships of Performing Arts  and when I was inducted into the Performing Arts Hall of Fame in Hollywood in 2013, I considered it a highlight of my career. To be recognised by such is already an honour. My name would be in the books forever!

But last night, when I received the award for 2014 Entertainer of the Year, it gave me another thing to be proud of. Not because I received another award… but because that award came from my fellow Filipinos… my colleagues in the business. To be acknowledged and recognised by your own in your home country is something to be proud of!

I share this award to everyone in the industry whose only goal is to entertain. That’s how it should be, right? That should be in the mind set of every performer who steps onstage. People may know you to have a wonderful voice… or a set of wonderful dancing feet… but if you only do it to show off and not to connect, then it’s no use. What matters is that when you’re onstage and when people watch you, they will be entertained… and leave the place with only good words about your performance.

Also, a great big shout out to all the producers of live concerts! You guys are the reasons why it is possible for us to perform live! We know that producing a concert is painstakingly difficult and requires a whole bunch of money but if you have the heart of a true artist, you’ll get through! All with the right mind set… and of course the right planning.

Again, thank you to Madam Alice Reyes and the men and women of the Aliw Awards Foundation. More power to you!

And to everyone who has supported me in my journey, I share these awards with you. Here’s to another great year ahead of us! More live performances!

Love life. Love music. Just love. -JM


2 thoughts on “Bad Days, Good Days, Great Days!

  1. ryan penarubia

    Dear jed madela this is ryan penarubia your number one fan in the philippines i wish i could meet you in person and duet with you because you are my favorite singer of all time and i really enjoy listening to your songs sining them in my player at my room and i sing my voice with it hope you teach me how to sing and what are the secret ways of a good singer like you if you are not busy let s jam together with singers you know. I also bought your albums like all original and songs rediscovered and your volume 1and 2 cds that i enjoy the most hope you see this post of mine.


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