One of the greatest achievements of a singer is to have at least a song that he can completely call his own… a song that no matter how many singers remake, it will always be his… a song that lives on when the singer is long gone.

After 9 years and 7 albums, I have released numerous singles that have stuck on the music lovers’ subconscious. To name a few, there was How Can I Fall, Love Always Finds A Way, Forevermore, The Impossible Dream and “my” most popular song, The Past. But of all these songs, there is one thing in common… they are all covers… not mine.

Moving to Star Records gave me a whole new playing field. New people. New ideas. New work ethics.

But first things first. I wanted my own original material. Original songs.


I am so fortunate that Star Records put their faith and trust in me and allowed me to come up with my very first all original album… simply entitled ALL ORIGINAL.

The album consists of 10 fresh songs plus 2 bonus tracks. Everyone has their own “love theme” in this album. May it be for those in love, those hoping for love, even those who has lost love… or those who just wants to enjoy life.

Here are my favorite lines from the songs:


“Just one look and nothing else will matter… but for now… all you are is a wish.”

WISH by Garlic Garcia & Jonathan Manalo


“Can’t we just turn back the time when love was like flowers in bloom… when love once was beautiful.”

WHEN LOVE ONCE WAS BEAUTIFUL by Raizo Chabeldin & Biv de Vera


 ”At sapat na ang lahat basta dito ka lang…”

DITO LANG by Kiko Salazar


“Hangga’t may bukas pa, ikaw ay iibigin. Hangga’t may awit pa, sa ‘yo ako sinta…”

 IPINAPANGAKO KO by Christian Martinez


“Hinding hindi na ko maghahanap pa ng iba pagka’t sa yo’y wala nang hahanapin pa…”

 IKAW NA by Soc Villanueva


“Ang tangi kong dalangin… hanggang wakas makapiling… Ikaw sinta sa habang buhay…”

 SA HABANG BUHAY by Wilson John Escaner


“Kasalanan bang ibigin ka? Ang puso’y di tinuruan na mahalin ka…”

 TANGING IKAW by Jed Madela and Jonathan Manalo


“Aasahan ko at di maglalaho… Dinggin mo ang puso kong itong alay sa ‘yo…”

DALANGIN KO by Jimmy & Cymbee Antiporda


“When I do would you say you love me too? Love you did and do and will forever…”

 WILL FOREVER by Jungee Marcelo


“And no matter where or how far I go… When all is done, I come home to you…”

 HOME TO YOU by Trina Belamide


ALL ORIGINAL is under Star Records and is available in Philippine Music stores nationwide. Also, it can be downloaded on iTunes &

11 thoughts on “ALL ORIGINAL

  1. Aaron Satira

    i had a chance of watching you performing live at the MUSIC MUSEUM before i went here in qatar and was able to had an interview after the concert….

    sana may concert ka in october,, i’ll be home for my one month vacation by that time

  2. Aaron Satira

    l really like how you sing the song of james ingram,, THERE’S NO EASY WAY TO BREAK SOMEBODY’S HEART.. i have compilation of you performances and music video there, but some of those were deleted already.

    my father (RIP) was one of your fan also,, he loves your album ONLY HUMAN kaya ayon inarbor niya sa akin yon,, then during his wake last year MAY, i keep on playing all of your songs,, kaya ngayon nasa akin na ulit yong album… dala ko dito sa qatar

  3. Myrwena

    My whole family is a fan of yours. My mom first fell in love with your voice when she heard you at Lea Salonga’s concert here in Iloilo. After that, she would never go to a concert unless it is yours. And to think I have never known my mom to admire an artist that much.

    I am glad you now have something to call your own. Of course, when I saw you first promote this album at ASAP, I rushed the next day at Odyssey! hahaha. And now your songs are also on my phone. Got my album signed by you when you had it launched here in Iloilo.

    Hope you will have a major concert like the one you planned before in Araneta. I wish it will come true. I and my mom will make it our best to get there and just see you perform. Best of luck!

  4. Romel "Xam" Samson

    Hi Jed. I think you should also be giving due credit to some of your original songs like “Let Me Love You” and “Laging Ikaw.” Those for me, are your best songs ever. I’ve heard all your songs, and nothing compares to those two.

  5. Arlyn Gatmaitan

    I have all of your albums and have stood in line during your shows to have them signed. In your latest album my favorite track is Will Forever. It speaks of love that lasts, despite of, inspite of. I have also downloaded your album from iTunes. Keep it up Jed. You are THE VOICE.

  6. Ross Bolano

    The song HOME TO YOU composed by Trina Belamide is of international standard comparable to the David Foster / Josh Groban collaboration and I told Trina about this. i love listening to this song over and over again.


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