Airport Style


Alright, here is my first attempt to post a style blog. Flying out to the City of Angels today for the 17th World Championships of Performing Arts. They say when traveling, wear clothes that are most comfortable… yet stylish! Good thing you don’t have to take off ‘em boots during security check!

Plaid buttoned-down longs sleeves from Springfield, Jeans from Zara, Boots from H&M, Cap from Quicksilver, Hoodie from American Eagle, Watch from Guess, Carry on luggage from Sky Travel.

6 thoughts on “Airport Style

  1. Ivy Yecyec

    :) You look good and amazing in your outfit. Hope to see your performance there in LA… Wishing you all the best! Good luck! We’re proud of you… Have a safe trip! God bless! (:

  2. DeclanOnLine

    Ang cool! You’ll never go wrong with Plaid long sleeves + plain colored jeans! I like the cap! More of fasion blogs, please! Thank you for bringing honor to our country at the WCOPA! Yes! Hall of Famer! I’m so proud of you, idol Jed! :)


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