Who Am I Really?

A professional singer.

That’s what most of you know about me… because that’s mostly the part of me that I have made public: the performer, the singer. Here, I will tell you, what most of you do not know about me, randomly as they come into my mind… so, excuse the paragraph construction and all that.

I paint, I cook, I fix things, I love plants, I draw, I collect stuff… I love to play, I love gadgets, I love technology. I love family time, I am protective, I am caring and I love being cared for… People close to me always say I am a big kid. Perhaps that’s what I am. I have not outgrown my love for theme parks, for fancy toys and rides. Presents, gifts, no matter how big or small bring me so much joy.

I’m sensitive, emotional and passionate. I still cry over movies, songs that touch my heart, I hold back tears when I see old people. I love babies and children… I get hurt many times… but most of the time, I’d rather shrug off the pain than brood over it. I just surround myself with people I love hanging out with… people with a good sense of humor and who loves to laugh and have fun like me.

I have an eye for detail. I have a compulsion to make things perfect, all the time. A thing that’s out of place bothers me and I can’t focus on other things until I straighten it out. Some of you may call it OC (Obsessive Compulsive). Let’s call it perfection so it doesn’t sound like a disorder. Hahaha!!! You will see this in my work… in my drawings, sketches and crafts. You will see that in my performances, in every song that I sing… in everything that I do, basically.

I am a handyman at home. I love being home all the time. i seem to never run out of things to tinker on when I’m at home. I love dogs. 3 yappy little mini pischers (Alex, George and Andi), a tough chowchow (Moki) and a kind and loveable beagle (Basti).

I want to get myself involved in any project that will exercise my artistic side, like my albums, my concerts, my stage… and I make sure I have a hand in it. It’s just my nature. I can draw you as you speak to me and hand over my sketch of you after our conversation. I doodle when I’m bored. If you want to keep me occupied just give me a pen and paper and I’m good for the next 4 hours.

After all that I have said above, you might have noticed by now that I am a quiet person. You do the talking and I’ll do the listening (or the drawing). I am not much of a talker, even when I have too much too drink. (I don’t get drunk that’s why) So don’t think I am not interested when we’re talking. I am. Unless you ask me, I will only listen. Blogs like this is where I do most of my talking. These are my opinions and I try to be as responsible as I can when i write… as much as I can help it.

Ok, what else do you need to know about me…

I have a fictional character that I assume, to cope with life in showbusiness… Superman/Clark Kent. I love Clark Kent more. Instead of keeping a diary that shows what I did for the day, I created a cartoon, a cute Voodoo baby who tags along a small sidekick little voodoo doll. I draw them in action, doing what I am doing at that moment. (Search for them on my Instagram account)

I am devout in my faith. I am God-fearing and I make sure I thank God for the blessings He gives me every single day. I believe I can never thank HIM enough but I work on it each day. He rules my life, He is my guide. He is who I live for. That is what I believe.

I love building life from the ground up. That’s the way I want things to be. Planting deep roots and nurturing it until it becomes a mighty tree.

This is just me.