One of the perks of being a performer is that you get to travel the world. Last weekend I was flown to Japan to perform in a show to raise funds for the representatives of Team Philippines – Japan for the World Championships of Performing Arts 2013, the same contest where I won in 2005.


The flight to Japan is a bearable 3 hours and 50 minutes but most of the flight, I was fast asleep. Taking the morning flight on Delta Airlines, I had to be up around 3am to give enough travel time and the checking in at the NAIA Terminal 1.

The moment we landed in Japan, the first thing I noticed was how clean and fresh the surroundings were.  A light rain shower welcomed us.



We travelled for about an hour to get settled into our hotel at the New Sanno Hotel in Shibuya, Tokyo.

20130621_152558 20130621_152605 20130621_152840 20130621_152957 20130621_153012 20130621_154253 20130621_154454


I am a fan of Japanese food. It’s not just a feast to the palate but also to the eyes. Edible miniature art!

20130621_203620 20130621_203742 20130621_204104

Our host brought us to one of the places in Shibuya called SUSHIZANMAI where we were treated to such amazing Japanese food!

20130621_204507 20130621_204556

We started out with the seaweed miso and the crab miso soup.

20130621_204710 20130621_204714

Ah.. to those who know me, I’m allergic to crab. So, I settled with the seaweed miso.


Then I had my “broiled fatty salmon”… well, it’s grilled salmon belly. LOL

Then we feasted on different kinds of sushi.


Toro & salmon (tuna and salmon sushi)


Anago and ama ebi (eel & sweet shrimp sushi)


Tamago (egg  sushi), Kani miso (crab paste sushi), Uni (urchin sushi)

Right after the meal, we washed everything down with a cup of hot green tea. I was pretty full but not to the point that I felt sluggish and couldn’t breathe. It was a really good feeling of being stuffed.




Vending machines are everywhere.


They still have Tower Records.


20130622_222233 20130622_222343 20130622_222402

Of course, I didn’t understand anything. LOL


After dinner, we decided to walk the streets of Shibuya to burn some calories from that amazing meal. Though it was raining, the streets were still filled with people.


We were told that the busiest “intersection” in the world was in Shibuya and yep! we were there to experience it.

20130622_224137_LLS 20130622_224201_LLS 20130622_224206_LLS 20130622_224211_LLS 20130622_224223_LLS

Every few minutes, when the traffic lights would change, it would be an exchange of hustling cars and walking pedestrians.

Another popular spot in Shibuya is the famous statue of Hachiko.

20130621_191951 CYMERA_20130621_210759

I’m sure most of us know the story of the dog who would wait for his master at the Shibuya train station every day until one day his master didn’t come home because of a heart attack. But still he continued to wait every single day until the day he died. That act of love and loyalty was immortalized  with a bronze statue of the famous dog.


After the second show on Sunday, I got a text from a very good friend of mine inviting me to do karaoke! Hmmm… karaoke after 2 hours of non stop singing??? Okay… I’ll just go for the drinks! And what the heck! It’s Lea Salonga who texted. Sheesh! Just a Tony Award and Laurence Olivier Awardee… Pffft! Hahahaha


I asked my friend to drive me to this karaoke place called Shidax and when I stepped into the VIP room, there I saw Lea with a shot of saki in hand. But I was in for a big surprise! In that room were 2 of my Broadway idols! Ramin Karimloo and Sierra Boggess. When Lea introduced me to them, all I could do was shake their hands and say, “Of course, I know you guys…”. Ramin played lead roles in both the Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables and Sierra is popular for doing Ariel in the Broadway staging of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Also I was introduced to another performer, Japanese artist, Yu Shirota. These 4 are part of a touring show called “4 Stars”.

So I sit beside Lea and across where I was seated was Ramin and Sierra goofing around and screwing up their songs on purpose! Sigh… I just switched to fan mode. Then Ramin goes, “Hey Jed, you should do a Michael Bolton song… like How Am I Supposed To Live Without You?” I obliged but my heart was pounding. When the music played, He suddenly said, “Stop! No.. no… no… the original key is too low for you…”. Then punches the buttons bringing the pitch 2 notches higher. Eeeep! But it all went well. Hahaha

Lea and I did a “kick ass’ version of Separate Lives. Heaven.

When we left, Lea was really nice to take pictures of me with these awesome stars.

20130624_012300 20130624_012308 20130624_012337


They say your trip to Japan is not complete if you don’t try the “real deal” ramen. So before heading to the airport, we dropped by this placed called Ippudo in Ropponggi.

20130624_132153 20130624_132140 20130624_132112

Their noodle wall.

20130624_132102 20130624_125102 20130624_125022 20130624_123828

We ordered what they call Akamaru.


The soup is a broth made from boiling pork (including the bones) for days! Talk about really extracting the essence huh? The richness of the pork broth is enhanced by black sesame sauce, sesame seeds, green onions, garlic, seaweed, egg and the noodles! Every slurp was an experience! I also had pork dumplings on the side.


Oh my goodness!!!

Pure yum!

It reminded me of our own Lapaz Batchoy but richer and more tasty.

I am definitely putting that place on the number one to do list when I get back to Japan!

You should too!



8 thoughts on “A WEEKEND IN TOKYO

  1. DeclanOnLine

    It was fun reading and I really enjoyed the whole blog!

    “Of course, I didn’t understand anything. LOL” —Hahahahahahahahahahaha

    I know the feeling of being a fan, it was nice to read that you suddenly put on a fan mode. I’m always fan of yours, Jed! When you joined them, it became The 5 Stars!

    The words were very natural and I think it is very you! It was like you are telling this whole experience to me. Congrats! More! I’m excited for your US trip this coming weeks. :)

  2. Jing Yngson

    All I can say is WOW!!! This is such an excellent blog Jed and this makes me wanna go and visit Japan even more! I love the pictures that you took especially the food! Yum, I am a foodie like you too and oh how I love japanese food! But I bet, nothing can beat eating the freshest tuna/salmon/eel, ramen, miso soup from the place where it all originated! And it’s a delight to see the ever famous statue of Hachiko for I just loved the movie Hachi! Anyways, keep up the good work! So proud of you and all the success that you have achieved! =)

  3. Ivy Yecyec

    What a nice and wonderful voyage in Tokyo! I really enjoy your journey, pictures and thoughts about it. I hope one of these days I ‘ll be able to travel Japan. It’s a good place to explore and discover. Thanks for sharing such great Tokyo, Japan experience! :)

  4. marivic

    Thank you so much for sharing amazing experienced in Japan, Japanese food looks delicious but I’m not fond eating of those.Actually I’ve been there before but just the airport for stop over..Hehe,.Well.I would like to thank you also for making this blog to us,:), Always, having fun reading your blogs, Again, Congrats and more power JED,:):)

  5. Mark Bacordo

    I just want to congratulate you Kuya for this very amazing blog post. I had fun and enjoyed reading the whole blog. I can say that you had a nice trip at Tokyo. How I wish i could go to that place. Sayang lang Kuya I was not able to watch your show at Veranza Mall last June 29. Sige lang, alam kng babalik ka pa dito sa Gensan at makikita rin kita na mag perform. :)

  6. Claire Mortel Dianco

    Jed, I follow you all the time. ..I am your avid fan since day one.Thank you for sharing your travel to Japan. I enjoyed reading your blog post… keep it up.

  7. Dhavey Ortiz

    Clearly a talent , joy to watch you sing not only in ASAP but on all of your performances..

  8. Sir Chinese

    Asia’s a wonderful area to travel when one can get there. The most common advice is to learn the language before we get there. Shame it’s not easy.


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