“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” – George Bernard Shaw


Some days are just worth indulging yourself and this day is definitely one of those times.

Arguably called the best restaurant in the Philippines, Antonio’s has long been on my list of places to eat in… and what a truly sensory experience it was!

Me and my cousin made reservations and we were welcomed in a very beautiful house turned restaurant that had understated elegance.

Browsing through the menu was like going through the table of contents of a story book where every chapter was as interesting as the next one.


We started with the house salad with mesclun greens and glazed walnuts and raspberry vinaigrette and basil oil.  I am not a fan of salad but i cleaned my plate.  It was like edible art.


Next came the soup which was cream of pumpkin and carrot with a delicate foam on top. The symphony of flavors were sublime.


The piece de resistance was the porter house steak which was just cooked to perfection.


Our knives glided through the meat like it was cutting butter.


The meat was the star and it was accompanied by the brown chimichurri, lemon and pink salt.  Freshly ground pepper was offered to your liking.



The Antonio’s trio was beef fillet plancha topped with seared foie gras, gratin potato with port wine sauce, honey glazed lambloin gratinated with goat cheese and the grilled beef fillet gratinated with cepes morel black truffle and mashed potato. Perfect plate for the undecided.  Hahaha


Even the side dishes, coriander gnocchi and tomato risotto, held their own in the taste department.

The chef who conceptualized this menu is a true artist and it was such a treat to be able to experience his artistry.

Every mouthful was like a party in our mouths.  Sometimes, i would even close my eyes from pure bliss! My cousin was teasing that i might just belt out a song number from happiness.  Hahaha

It was the perfect setting for a leisurely lunch with great food and animated conversations and the positive energy of the place makes you feel like everything is right with the world.


They say God is in the details and it was the attention to detail in Antonio’s that truly won me over.  Their ice cubes were frozen dalandan juice so as not to dilute our delicious drinks.


The lemons for the steak were wrapped in mesh to catch the seeds as you squeezed them over your food and they even serve you Himalayan pink salt.


We ended our meal with homemade sorbets that were so tantalizing to the tongue. Calamansi and siling labuyo gave you a jolt, the pineapple with toasted coconut was like the taste of summer and the green mango was tart.  A light finish to a delicious meal!

Antonio’s makes you feel truly pampered!!!


For reservations and for more details, log on to http://antoniosrestaurant.ph


  1. Natie

    Oh my GOODNESS! How could you say you’re not a writer? You described the dishes like a top class Foodie! Well then, this is a ‘must visit’ place.. Even here in NJ/NY, it’s hard to find good Foie.. Where is the source?

    But I bet, Agnes is the best cook….

  2. marivic

    resto is awesome!!! Thank you so much for introducing..The food looks delish and healthy.,And I amazed how they prepared it.Romantic place,,

  3. Ivy Yecyec

    :) very cool place of Tagaytay! The food tastes good and healthful.
    Health is wealth. Nice choice of food! Beautiful pictures! (:


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